Bud sites turning lime green

These plants are 6 weeks old. Critical mass autoflower. Growing in soil, feeding with water and dyna grow bloom at minimum dosage. Water is checked and adjusted around 6.4 - 6.6 ph.Lights are viparspectra v450, drawing 200w each.

Noticed most of bud sites getting lime green. Are my lights too close, is this an iron deficiency or any other serious problem I should worry about. Color may not come out well in a picture.

Close up of some

This is my first grow. Any info us greatly appreciated.

I think this may be the problem and removing the iron from the water by mistake. I was using this to remove the chlorine from the tap water but ill just leave the water out for 24 hours from now on instead.

Says right on it, removes heavy metals. Is it possible that if I stop using it with the next watering, the problem might go away.

Or is there something else I need to do right now, please let me know

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@Dantell yeah iron is one of the micros needed for proper plant development. I’d still treat the water in the off chance that there’s lead or aluminum contamination in your tap.

You can help supplement iron though with a good black strap molasses or an enzyme and micro nutrient booster.

Another thing that helps is making sure all of the other NPK and micros are dialed in because an excess can slow or block the uptake of iron. Phosphorus is usually the culprit in my experience.

And, as always, proper watering helps a lot too. If you over water you can leach micros pretty easy so making sure you don’t have too much run off and cycling wet to dry helps a lot.


Thanks for the info. I couldn’t reply fir a few hours, apparently there is a limit.These are the only things I’m putting in the water. I read that a root inoculant helps, and I was using that also.

I do see iron listed on both the Grow, and bloom dyna grow bottles. The directions list a range to use, I’ve been feeding at the lower part of that range. Should I increase the nutrients?

But I didn’t realize these plants were actually in the budding phase for a little while, week or 2. And I just switched from grow to bloom nutrients yesterday.

Maybe if I switched earlier I wouldn’t have a problem now. But I think it is just the stress coat that is detoxifying the iron, as I’m putting it, the dyna grow and ph down all in same water.


As the nitrogen levels out the plant will take up more of the PK and micros. Nitrogen can lock out other nutrients during flower too just like phosphorus. You should be alright with those nutrients. I’d maybe increase the bloom to 1/2 strength if you’re using quarter strength too.


Thanks again, great info ! Yes, I do see total nitrogen concentration doubled at 7% in the grow bottle but at only 3 % in bloom. These are autoflower so I thought that the 10 to 12 weeks meant thats when they start flowering, and I was going to continue using Grow until then. I switched to bloom last night and will continue to use it. Hopefully everything balances out now and I still get decent buds.

How long does it take to make all the buds , after they hit the flower stage ?

@Dantell a 10-12 week auto generally takes 10-12 weeks seed to harvest but it can take less or more depending on environment, pheno variances, and pot/container size.


@Dantell so usually 6 to 8 weeks of flowering if they started flower at week 4.

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Hello all new to site the question about the lime green new growth was the answer nutrition problem or just new growth

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@Blackman1949 it’s both. New growth around flowers is usually lighter in color anyway but if it has a yellowish tint in the middle it’s usually iron deficiency as well.


@Dantell :v: birds are very tender and so easy to accidently kill

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