Bud life - emergence until ready

Ballpark estimate, from the time they first appear, how long until buds are ready to harvest? Not that I’m impatient… :grimacing:

Whatever the strain descriptions say plus two weeks is about right. Then add at least a week to dry and another to begin to cure That nine week strain is right at thirteen weeks from sprout to first test bowl.

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That’s not good news… we’ll probably have frost by then. :cold_sweat:

You might get lucky with the variability built into any strain, and the temperature, humidity, etc. then it might come down to harvesting a bit early, sacrificing optimum quality and yield for an early chop to avoid deteriorating conditions. Good luck.

Well, this year was just supposed to be experimental, so I can’t complain. Learned a lot and I’ll definitely have some yield. Maybe a significant yield.

flowering is different for each genus…Auto will flower by hormones, not light, photo will flower on hormones, light, environmental factors…etc
The plant will be able to recognize the weather if you have them outside and adjust accordingly. You might get a smaller plant but bigger buds, better terpenes, more thc…average flowering is 7-12 weeks but you can flower in 5-6…
DO not concern yourself on the DRY / CURE portion…that is done indoors after they are cut or even outdoors in a shed / room / garage

Canna can grow even when outside temps are 45°f as long as the soil is a little warmer. I have seen canna get snowed on and come back…as long as the roots are protected

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