Brucebanner fast version

Hi it’s day 31 from germination. Beucebanner fast. Also I cut1 ofthe colas a specific way and you can see whats she is doing. I have attached photos below and any advice would be helpful.

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Hey, @Bigdikddy9 welcome to the forum! I have a Bruce Banner Fast Version going right now also. Nice array of Banners. They all look very healthy. How many are there, 10,12…?

That is 3 plants.
I will update pics today.

@Bigdikddy9 Yeah, I see it now. Nice plants, what are your plans for them?


@JonBlaze That looks like some mighty fine sativa. How 'bout a little more than a pic?

Bb fast version
11 day until chop


Yeah, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! I can only dream about growing some nice colas like that.
Way to make an entrance.

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@JonBlaze How long did the fast version take from flower? Oops my bad. Seen the first post now. Beautiful grow! Enjoy!

From flower 8 weeks. Final week always 100% defoliate every single thing but nugs and stems.