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Thoughts on what could be causing this? Started a few days ago, I’m in Massachusetts, been extremely hot since Monday here. Watered daily and the buds seems to be fine. Would just hate to lose it if it’s something preventable, or could be nothing either. Thoughts?


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I recently had a Gsc auto go yellow in the middle like that in relatively early flower. My guess was the heat and humidity may have stalled her circulation, and she went into end of life conservation mode then revived when conditions improved. Good news is you don’t need them. I don’t pluck them until dead and dry like a paper bag. I let the plant salvage what it wants from the dying leaves. Oh, good news is they’ll keep on growing with no fan leaves. I ended up with all the fan leaves gone and colas still growing another month or more.


Give her some silica and worm castings tea

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Some yellow is alright,I’ve been fertilizering with the finial stuff they sell here and watering a bit more,I’m mostly in 7 gallon pots with not enough holes in he bottom or to many holes, so I error on the dry side.Mine have perked up and he buds look really good.Also in Western Mass.

What the ph ???looks like possibly