Bruce banner fast version first grow

Have bunch of cloudy trichomes but have a lot of white hair. Should I go with trichomes or hairs

@Keith always trichs unless you know you bruised those trichs and made them turn color., yet some harvest differently… I can see when mine are done by the looks of it without a loupe… but using one helps alot.

Trichomes under microscope


Hi @Keith I’m a newbie too (3rd grow), but those trichomes look cloudy. But others @MDBuds or @mikes can help.

Congrats on your journey

there is a great visual chart on this site somewhere showing trichomes at different stages of ripeness & explains the different effects . I personally like all cloudy with just a few amber,


@Khatru has a great chart. I’m working off my phone and it’s not easy for me to find it at the moment.

From what I can see with older eyes, they look pretty milky, but I might see some amber on some stalks, I think.

Nice to meet you! :v:

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Here it is:

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Bruce Banner Rip off (Darkhorse genetics) strain 10 to 12 weeks Fast to take your$$

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