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Hey guys,

Wanted to check in and see how everyone is growing. This is my first attempt at BB and so far she’s definitely been a beast. Very slow to start then quick growth spurts. The temps got away from me for a day or 2 so there is some stress but all in all I think going ok. My second BB is almost at day 30 and still really small. Is this normal for BB? Oh and first plant is at 49 days.


What kind of pots you growing in never seen them before

They are air smart pots 5 gal. Supposed to promote healthy root function by air pruning. I’ve had great results with them so far though I think the 5 gal was a bit much but in 3 gallon I think it would work out great


Do they hold water or does it run from every hole

I think the difference in height of the plants, and therefore the distance to the light, is the cause of the different growth rates. The light intensity is like the gas pedal for the growth rate of your plant. Get the smaller one a “booster seat” to get it closer to the light.

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Also what kind of soil you using and like @CurrDogg420 put booster seat for the little one it should be alot bigger than it is

You have to pour slow or yea it will run all over the place

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I’m using ocean forest this grow. I’ve never had a plant take so long to get going. I appreciate the input. Question does it look like I need to defoliate more? I’m trying to hang on to my fan leaves but I don’t know if I’m hurting myself by not opening the area up some

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I’d let it finsh out let them buds stack up

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