Browning/ burning of leaves

I saw this on my plant this morning. I know it’s burn, I don’t know why. I’ve never had this problem before, other than it being on the tips back in veg. And it’s not anywhere else. Any thoughts. Thanks.

we usually see this kind of damage when their is a Potassium deficiency
Sometimes you’ll get something that looks a lot like tip burn with a potassium deficiency, but it goes in further than nutrient burn, and with a potassium deficiency you also see yellowing between the leaf margins

Potassium deficiencies are generally more likely to appear when a grower is using heavily filtered or reverse osmosis (RO) water to feed plants, but as long as you’re giving your plants a good source of nutrients, you probably need to Adjust pH to Correct Range. most growers see potassium deficiencies is because potassium is best absorbed at lower pH ranges. When the pH gets too high, your plant may exhibit signs of a potassium deficiency even if it’s physically there near the roots.

Wouldn’t that show up everywhere though. Not just on the one branch? And there isn’t any yellowing going on. It’s just the Browning/burning. The pH is good.

no it would not. Each branch absorbs nutrition differently than the others. It would be at the beginning of the leaves / stems that are growing as they absorb the most nutrition. Plants do NOT utilize nutrition equally or evenly throughout the plant.
Alternatively, if you have sprayed, or dripped or leaves got wet (rh can do it, like dew) or even the SUN / LIGHT concentrating photons in certain spots…Before Potassium is declared as an issue, LEAF BURN, LIGHT /SUN BURN are supposed to be checked first to not mistake it for a P issue

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Ok. Thanks. I didn’t know that. I’ve looked around more. I found a couple small spots. In the middle, like something got dropped on them. Maybe nutes. Droplets from feeding. I fed her on Friday. I try to look her over completely at least once a week. It wasn’t there then. I’m starting to think burn.