Brown Spots!? Please help

I have a fully automatic hydroponic machine. I just noticed these brown spots on my early vegetation - Blueberry Auto-flower. I am not sure what’s going on. The nutrients and everything are automatically added to the water (changed weekly). As I am a first time grower, literally, the purpose for me buying this machine was to avoid any wrong doing like this – but now I’m worried. Please help.

Hi @Santo837 !

If you don’t mind, can you post without the blurple so we can all see better? Also, please advise as to what machine you are referring to do that those who have experience can advise you better, and what it is you are growing?

Thank you for your patience!


There is no way that I know of on how to make the light go off on my Grobo Hydroponic System.

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There’s not a power button or plug? It just powers up and that’s it? I’ll have to go check out out for sure.

I can unplug the whole system but here is a alternative exposure view.

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Since this is a new system, and it looks like they have their own forum and help system, I would recommend you check with them. I say that because I’d hate to steer you wrong with such an expensive piece of equipment. Looks like all the nutes and everything are built in.

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