Brown spots and yellow tips

I noticed a couple brown spots on a few leaves and some tips turning yellow. I added a little fertilizer to it…this was the first time I added it. Any ideas what causes it?

If you’ve been lowering your RH for the flowering phase, this causes a higher VPD (vapor pressure deficit). This means your plant will take up water and therefore nutrients faster. That and/or air speed can cause your tips to start looking like that. The brown spots look like water drips that might have cause a sunburn due to the lensing effect.

I wouldn’t sweat any of that. I would probably prune those leaves though and inspect them.

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I believe that my RH was in the 40’s not sure but I just bought a dehumidifier to put in my tent along with a humidifier outside my tent. I have it set at 55% so I’m trying to get it adjusted. I will now be watering approximately every 3 days now.