Brown fan laves

Whats “STOMATA” with you? :grin:

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Nothing ‘STOMATA’ with me. What ‘STOMATA’ with you?

This is sounding very similar to stigmata. Apologies for how my brain works. It’s weird.


Still waiting on those buds :slight_smile:

Brian. that is what we do, we WAIT.
Pop a seed, WAIT
veg a seedling, WAIT
Veg the plant, WAIT
flower the plant, WAIT
harvest the plant, WAIT
dry the plant, WAIT
cure the bud, WAIT…
.SMOKEN…that is the only time we ain’t waiting
Wanna seesum pics of the process. The journey is where it’s at

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Day 50. Blueberry x Big Bud Auto much healthier now, starting to get some pistils.


She is quite lovely! :heart_eyes:

That blueberry is like a perfect Christmas tree. Lets hand some ornaments and glitter. Al that glitters is Gold!
Big Bud has got some NICE BUDS going on…

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