Bronze colored spots

Hey guys, new grower here. Growing some OG Skunks and they are developing these bronze colored spots. Can anyone tell me what they are from?

@Bear8290 mold and bacterial infections don’t really grow in perfect circles like that and it doesn’t really look like nutrient burn or a toxicity/deficiency.

Did you possibly water with lights on and drip some on the plants?

Possibly. Being a noob, I didn’t know that was a thing. I’ve got a very strong Spider Farmer light.

@Bear8290 I’d just monitor it then to make sure it isn’t something more. I’m fairly certain it’s burn from lights and water drops but better safe than sorry if you can’t recall.

Do light burns repair themself or are those spots permanent?

@Bear8290 all damage to leaves from burning or pests is permanent. The only leaf issues that heal are mobile nutrient issues like chlorosis or purple stems and stalks as long as you catch it before necrosis.