Broken branch need help!

I would appreciate advice about a broken cannabis branch. These are pictures of one of my plants that blew over from a string wind and luckily only one branch broke. It tore away from the main stem and remained connected by a small thread of of the stem. I taped it as soon as I saw it however the leaves have gone limp as you see in the pic. You can also see the plant is in the flower stage. My question is do you think this branch can be salvaged? This happened on Saturday morning. This pic is Sunday.

Should I leave it attached or should I just cut it away and dry it?

tape, glue, whatever…and see if it heals. If not, it will totally die and then you can just cure it…so if it dies, let it dry right on the plant…nothing really to lose, a branch with buds to gain…maybe even extra hormones to the area to help healing.


Thank you so much. I appreciate the quick reply. You’ve been a great resources.