Breeding the Same Strain, also Breeding Different Strains Together

I’ve just started the breeding thing with some of my plants. The one thing I’m really interested in is controlling different attributes; eg. a tiny miniature/dwarf cannabis plant. I’ve secured a very small male and pollinated a slightly larger female of the same strain.

My immediate inquiry to others that are what I call “The Pro’s” out there, I also chose to pollinate a few branches with a ‘Tall Male’s’ pollen. After the ‘Dwarf Pollen’ & the ‘Tall Pollen’, the genetics would only change per branch for any future fruiting, am I correct? Peace & Love to all out there, good health means adding cannabis…at least in this house. :wink: Stay Healthy…Vape Flower & Enjoy! :wink: Thanks for this forum, by the way. :wink:

Yes, it would change per branch. Be sure to mark your branches and save some pollen in a jar with a silica pack in the freezer so you have some pollen to cross back if needed.

Also a quick tip when pheno hunting in small batches selfing a pheno you want to keep and making fem seeds can help a lot. You get fem pollen and female seeds so you can keep experimenting with that pheno and cross it into another desirable pheno of the same breeding program down the line. Make sure to take meticulous notes and label everything so you can keep track. Happy breeding. :v::metal::call_me_hand:

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Thanks so much MDBuds! :wink: I need to learn how to take the pollen from the Female. I do have everything labeled, protected in 2-wrappings, & inside an air & water tight container in the refrigerator.

The interesting factor is that the pollen I used both times, well it wasn’t at it’s full ‘Pollen Stage’; it was green, young, & I decided to ‘Smash it’ to make it creamy. But it worked! This is my first try; I was on the stool next to my Grandpa watching him doing the old-fashioned hybrid way…he had jars of pollen & lots of shot glasses with different things he was watching close. It’s in my blood, I guess. I’m just having the best time with this…and it really worked…that’s the seed pod shown in the photo is the dwarf branch. She’s adorable. Here she is in her I believe 11.5-inches tall & wide ~the male is less than 5-inches tall.

Here’s the little guy…what a cutie! I should name him. :slight_smile:

I sure want to get these buds off at the right time. The little light brown hairs are coming out of the pod it looks like. Maybe I should take off the buds…possibly in 2-weeks? I was going to take those few buds then, hoping more buds would come out during her flowering session. I’m balancing the nutrients well enough that she should be strong enough…what do you think?

I’m taking photos & saving them with notes daily on the photos. It’s thumbs up here…thanks so much for the support! Hugs & vapes to you, MDBuds. :heartbeat: :leaves: :wink:


You’re welcome @Butterflymusic. If you want to learn how to self a female properly and make fem seeds you can pm me. I don’t usually share it public because it needs to be done responsibly and any buds hit with the solution can not be smoked by you or anyone else. I’ve ran into quite a few irresponsible breeders that made people pretty sick by selling contaminated buds to people and I’d rather avoid that. Happy growing. :v::metal::call_me_hand:


Gottcha…thanks for that. I’m newer to this forum…as I’m only showing my photos & sharing my journey here…I also need to learn how to send messages…let me click the little 3-bars upper right.

Again, thanks so much! :dove: