Boy? Girl? Both?

Hey folks…

This plant was a 'volunteer' that showed up after an 

outdoor grow. I decided to cultivate it to see how it
turned out.

It's starting to flower, but I'm thinking it's gone hermy 

or straight up male?



AKA Captain Zero


Looks like a boy to me…You did not show enough nodes so all I could see were sacs, not pistils

Thats a male you have there

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Ok…I’m thinking you’re right: it’s a boy.

Now, my big question is what should I do with it? Does anyone have any good ideas on what to do with a male plant when they show up? I know the flowers aren’t any good, but…???



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Depends really on what your goal is. So, what’s your goal? What are you in the mood for?

You can grow it out for the seeds and hope you get some ladies out of it.

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Omg! Look at the balls on that thing!:joy:

Sorry I’m stoned AF!!

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It’s a BOY!!! Lol . If you don’t want seeds and your growing others nearby, get rid of it now.

I laughed so hard at this!

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With balls like that, hows he standing?

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@CaptainZero that’s a boy for sure.

It’s a male. Grow it out harvest the pollen to use on a female to make seeds. Seed banks and people working with them will tell you to pull it. Just to sell you more seeds. Grow a female out. Dont don’t harvest it all and sprinkle the dust/pollen on it and you will have usable seeds. You can make your own or make someone else rich. Just separate it from the others. When they are ready to pop place a baggy over it… to catch the pollen. You only need a couple granules. The dirt will de a waste can’t reuse. It will have pollen in it.

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