Bóvedas usage %?

I am using Boveda 62% to cure in the mason jars. What are the other %s for ?

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cigars, fruit skins, bigger and or smaller jars, tobacco…and more

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Why would different % be used for differint size jars?

@PinCannabis the different % are for curing preferences. People that like a dryer smoke that isn’t as sticky for let’s say joints or blunts should use the 58%. It makes it easier to roll and you don’t get the resin clogs or resin runs.

If you like it stickier and stinkier use the 62%. It won’t roll as well and it can gum up grinders but it preserves the terpenes better and gives a tastier smoke for pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. It doesn’t roll as well and if you have a lot of resin/trichs on the buds you can get a resin clog or a run in your joint or blunt.

They also have varying % for different purposes and environments but since I only use them for cannabis the only other purpose I know to use them for is in humidor boxes to keep tobacco fresh.


They have different sized rh packets for different sized jars.


Excellent! Thank you!