Boveda packets unopened

well its getting close to that time, i checked my boveda packets, still un opened, they are mostly liquid, does this mean they are no good?

OK, so here is how we make them last forever!
soak in distilled water, it will re-hydrate them. Do not rip or tear or handle bag roughly. It / they will swell. Remove gently, place on a plate / let it dry a little and you have a brand new Boveda! Mine are over 7 years OLD and still going strong


so they are supposed to be liquid before use?

the packet has to be soft. If it is hard, the salts crystalized and wont control the RH


ok, that makes sense… thanks mike.

Will soaking rehydrate if really hard??

yes in deedee. I had mine in a cabinet for 2 years. Hard as a rock. Submerge in distilled water, a day or 2, remove, let dry off…like new!

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This is a great trick save me some dollars. Thank you sir.