Boosting Exhaust Setup

Hey guys,
I have a question regarding my exhaust system. I recently purchased an AC infinity 4in setup with filter and thermostat for my 2x4x5 grow tent. I have ducting, roughly 8-10’, running into another room into my old 4in inline fan and carbon filter to scrub any smells that might be left over from the first filter. How does this sound to you guys? Is it overkill or am I actually helping my exhaust?
Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!

They are in series with each other? Like a booster filter scenario, correct?

@Topher85 if I read correctly, your pulling “spent air” from tent through ducting and exhausting it through a 2nd filter to other room?, if that is the case you should boost up the cfm of the blower fan and or add another booster along the run. 10’ is a long run for a 100 cfm fan with 2 filters attached in unison., could have a “choking” issue…

Yes, I’ve got filter to fan in tent leading out to fan filter

I have a second booster fan at the end of the 10’ I just wanted to make sure this was a correct setup

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If it works it works ya’ know! Not leaking and reaking your good., but instead you could take that other booster fan attach it to the 2nd filter take that back into the tent or room tent is in if you got room and use it as an “air scrubber”…do you have fresh air coming into tent?

By fresh air I’ve got the ac on and a ceiling fan. Its definitely in the coolest room but I do fight temps at 85

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Does the other room require the air to be filtered or exhausted? Or is it a case where, what do you do with the old setup, now that you’ve upgraded?

You shouldn’t need to scrub the air twice. If you can still smell it after the first filter, it’s time to replace or at least reverse the flange on the filter.

If you don’t need to exhaust another room, I’d set up both in the same tent. Use your old fan and new filter for the tent exhaust, and that will run 24/7. I’d set up the new AC Infinity as the intake for the tent. That might prove more effective at cooling the tent.

Set your old fan to run just a little faster than the new one under “normal” conditions - temp and humidity where you want them. The tent should “suck in” a little bit. Then set your high temp/humid on the controller to your desired low points (the fan will turn off below this point). Set your high temp/humid Alarms to your highs (the fan will ramp up to 10).

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Thanks CurrDogg420, I was trying to find a useful way to use my old equipment now that Ive upgraded. I’m going to work on this setup tonight. Thanks!