BlueberryXjack herer problems

I have attempted to germinate nearly 14 different seed of Blueberry jack herer over the course of 2.5 months every once of them dead ! 5 of them never broke soil and yes I did everything right ! 9 of them died shortly after . Some had mutated leafs and stayed the same size for 2-3 weeks .

Don’t know if the picture uploaded but all these ladies where germinated on 10/1/2020 and potted on the 5th . Any information or experience with this is welcome since the germination guarantee is basically a lie I won’t be getting replacements

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Before I can help in any way I need to know the exact process you used for germination and transplanting. I also need to know what lighting, soil or medium, and water you’re using. Happy growing. :metal::v::call_me_hand:

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Paper towel damp enough to crack the bean and have a half inch tap root in 72 hours . Using half ocean Forrest and half pro-mix organic . Mars hydro Sp3000 light 30 inches away dimmed to 40% at the time . Placed in 3/4 inch deep hole lightly covered soil was moist from being pre sprayed and gave it 2 more sprays place bag over pot rim fits nice for added humidity Since room humidity stay about 50-55% naturally have a small fan a few feet away and another across the room . Room temp stays between 75-80. I just think they are junk seeds. Never had issues with any thing else . Just jack herer, figure the blueberry cross would make if friendlier to grow and less frustrating

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R/O water with just a little cal mag added 2mL a gallon and only applied with spray bottle on soil day of planting and after a week 3 sprays ph was 6.59

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@Yeti alright man. Looks like you have most of it down but Jack is a finicky girl. It fairs best in an equatorial climate due to its sativa leaning genes and growth patterns. A lighting schedule of 16/8 and 14/10 for veg and seedling growth works better than the usual 18/6. The temperature is fine but the humidity is questionable. You want around 70% rh for germinating and seedling jack. I’d switch over to vented plastic domes instead of the plastic bags. Cal mag is ok to use for seed starting but you’re better off using liquid kelp or liquefied seaweed to start seeds. It has natural sugars and other nutrients in it that stubborn seeds and strains need during germination more than cal mag. It’s also susceptible to disease early on so it’s good to sterilize the seeds and oxygenate your water with an air stone too… Jack herrer is one of my favorite strains and I had a hell of a time with her until I did a bunch of research. Even most of the Jack Herrer crosses take on Jack’s moodiness and picky nature. I hope this helps you man. Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:

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@Yeti I just harvest Blueberry x Jack Herer from Homegrown and they turned out beautifully. I just popped mine straight into the soil. You should try that out (old fashion way). Btw welcome to the forum and sorry for your troubles. This strain is definitely worth another shot, it smokes like a champ!


Tried to go right into larger pots at first thought that was my issue they died every time . I think it’s was a bad batch of seeds never had more than 1 that failed ina batch complained about the size and color of seeds and they told me to kick rocks probably won’t order from them again since they changed their guarantee process and won’t replace them . And I will avoid jack herer crosses in the future

I have been growing autos for 9 years and you need a good breeder, Methisto is best, followed by Sweet Seeds and fastbuds, i put my beans in a cup of warm water till thet sink then put on a plate with paper towel put another paper towel over the first mist dont soak then put same size plate over bean and leave in a warm dark spot, autos are not grown like photoperid plants the germanation deal takes 72 hours, 24 hours to germanate ( if your beans are good, sow your seed a halfinc deep in pot u intend to do your whole grow in 99% of my autos go in 3gal smartpots, your seed should poke it’s head out of dirt in 48 hours after u sow it, back your light off till there small plants remember you want ur leaves reaching for light not shying away or God forbid burning, here is a pic of a Skywalker at day 40 from sprouts, in med pre flower great health ph 6.2 will leave in veg 15 more days till i flower it.