Blueberry x Lemon Haze

Any advice getting the auto flower strain to take to soil? I have tried three seeds only one tap root but did not take. Other two never rooted…using paper towel method and also peroxide soak.

I have best luck taking from paper towel & into washed coco in a solo cup, i dont fill the cup to the top in case the seedling gets leggy, i can add more coco. some soils are a bit hot with nutrients for seedlings…

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I have better luck throwing my seeds in a bottle of water till they sink. Once’s they sink I put them in a wet paper towel then I put that somewhere warm and dark for a few days. Hasn’t failed me yet.


problem with sinking - O2 can accumulate around the seed and make the seed float. If it is there too long, it could rot. You have to shake it to remove the sir bubbles that you cannot see that attach themselves to the seed and keep it afloat

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Added a coffee filter so the tap root doesn’t stick to the nubs of the paper towel. I have had the same issues with bubblegum seeds also. So far all others have taken to soil. No problems with tangerine, deelite, banner, or black jack. Just bxlh and bubblegum AF. Thanks for the advice all.

@Jram_13 mix some coco coir with some base soil at about 50/50. Use a 16 oz solo cup or seed into the pot after removing approximately 12-16 oz of the soil and putting the 50/50 mix in.

Autos like a lighter airy mix. I’ve had great luck with my home soil blend that has roughly 30% aeration and coco mixed at 50/50.

Once it out grows the light mix the plant and roots should be strong enough to fill the rest of the soil easy.

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Thank you for the help, had been using a 40/60 mix of living/Bush doctor. I will give it a shot and, of course, I will rinse the coco beforehand. Thanks again!

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Wow, you remembered about some coco not being washed and it makes the Ph wacky…good for you
I do alot like MDBuds…I mix about 20-30% perlite, 20% vermiculite, 25% SUPER CANNA SOIL (my own blend -Its Alive!), about 30% ORGANIC BAG SOIL AND A GOOD LAYER OF PEAT (at the base of the container, as a mulch on top and encompass the root ball on transplants. As much as most peat is not sustainable, I do not enjoy using it but I do not have the coco Ph issues…For my garden, I add much compost to increase the carbon footprint…keeps the soil from going hydro phobic

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