Blueberry & white og

I have a blueberry & a white og in 5 gal fabrics, i topped each of them 2 x , any thoughts on lst or more topping? any other advice?


you did a VERY GOOD JOB topping…now just train…a little at a time, bend those branches over/outwards so the other nodes become apicals / top buds…the lower nodes, if you have garden staples, start using them. you can hook the branches or place the staples in the dirt and hook the branches using pipe cleaners


Im gonna get started on that today… thanks Mike.

now we have this reveg clone, looks like its from outer space. should i just let it grow as is or trim anything?

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That is truly one alien looking beast! I would let it grow, just out of curiosity. Quarantined lol

reveg always looks like an alien after they come back…Eventually it will resume the normal MJ leaf look so KEEP

yes, im definately keeping it, should i just leave it alone for now? its outdoors.

doesn’t matter…I revegged my Bubba K and GDP and they are outside…I might transplant to allow better root growth but they sure are BUSHY…much different than the first grow…both are developing beautiful canopies with a little help from my staples to guide the branches/node growth

Im looking forward to watch this one as i never seen anything like it, its in a 5 gal fabric with ffof, so i can stick it under a table when it starts downpouring, the weather here in mid hudson valley has been crazy, 40* & heavy rain all memorial wknd, & 95* & 75% rh these last few days, right now heavy thunderstorms. i noticed white on my tomato plant, thought it might be bird poop, but i think it might be powdery mildew… good thing my garden is not bigger.

if you do not have my mold solution, mix 9 part water to 1 part milk and spray…at lights off…this will help keep mold, especially WPM at bay…

i mixed some milk & water, letting it temper till dark…thanks…I saw another thread where mdbuds mentioned this…

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yep…you can go from 1:1 to 9:1 ratio…
@MDBuds called it back in November 20th -
50/50 milk water treatment and it’s just a light misting every day until you go to the 1/9 ratio to prevent it from coming back

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ok, thats what im gonna do, if it turns out its not pm, im assuming the milk wont hurt anything…

nope, it will not hurt anything…as long as you do not spray with LIGHTS ON - plants need to be cool so right at lights on or at lights off