Blue Java banana

Sorry not cannabis. But I have to share anyway. I have been on a waitlist for this plant for 2 years. Mine finally came today. It feels like Christmas.
This is a cold hardy banana that taste delicious. All the other cold hardy ones are fibrous bananas that are not edible. Except animal feed. This one is supposed to taste like vanilla ice cream. And the bananas are blue. I am so excited.


Dang - blue Java banana sounded like a tasty strain…. :yum:

Can you clone it? If so I want to claim “dibs”.


:joy: @CurrDogg420 bananas are special indeed

Bananas grow pups from the ground near the main root ball. Like sucker branches on a grafted apple or peach root stock. (Love me some bench grafting. I can whip them out.). I would be glad to mail you a pup this spring if u are serious? Mine all ready has a lovely little pup popping up a few inches in the pot. :slight_smile:

They are only cold tolerant to 20•f and can’t take extended freeze snaps unfortunately. It would have to go in next the kratom after the frost I am afraid. Coastal Seattle usually is 40s-50s all winter long with the very occasional brrr.

My cold hardy Musa Basjoo finally put up a flower and bunch this year. It only waited 5 years. I could hardly put my tongue to the fruit it was so bitter. And it seemed more like coco coir when squished it was so fibrous. Not even chocolate chips and foil in the camp fire was fixing that.

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**Bananas are OK. Best I can do to top that is a Rainbow Eucalyptus that grows to 60 feet, taking hold in the ground as we speak. Two Banana trees have been in good soil at least three months, cold hardy, like the Avocado. The Cherry trees could yield 100lbs of fruit. Done diggin for this year, thank you, 30 holes is enough. GSC+JH is going good with coffee this am, that must be why your banana tree looked like it was growing out of the wall. I’m thinking Wow that’s cool. I have to find the guy who asked me if I knew what I was doing when I planted MD, BBF, GSC+JH and SK. OMG, I’m still trimming. **