Bigger yields help

Hi guys so I just finish my first grow and harvest. My yields came out super low besides my beginners mistakes (growing too many plants in the tent I have , and not getting big enough pots) any tips on what I can do differently?

I used foxfarm ocean soil blended with super soil concentrate for auto flower with tiger bloom (added in feeding every other week)


Atami Bloombastic 2ml per USgal but go easy or you can burn your plants, dont feed from jug put a splash in a 16oz cup of water stir and feed, stuff is awesome.


Bigger pots and space will make a HUGE difference. More light hits further down the plant, therefore giving that plant MORE energy to grow. Which produces more buds. Also look at training your plants, especially autoflower. Some do better then others.

FF has videos on YouTube for every kind of soil they have and how to adjust feeding for them.


For me, increasing yield was understanding what worked and what did not with the last grow. The best yields I have gotten started with what size and shape plant I wanted at harvest and working backwards. I would look at my tent or grow space and determine what size and how many plants would fit finished without burning with the lights or being so cramped that I could not rotate and clean them or take care of them effectively.
Keep a log of what is working well and what problems you have at each stage. Alter or change nutrients to help your plant when she asks, keep track of what you are doing. Each grow uses the notes from the last to preempt an issue and remedy before it is a problem. Rule of thumb I use is “few people will hurt their plants by underfeeding, too many hurt them by over feeding”.
Make your next grow better than your last, if even a little (progress)! Have fun, do not hurt your plants with too much care. Remember your first real grow, is usually your third or fourth grow. I have heard some get it on the first try… I did not. I am still working each grow to be better than the last and more fun.
Lastly, ask questions, nice part of a forum is most people here have made mistakes and had problems they learned how to solve. You will find lots of help, growers love to share ideas.

Good Luck


99% of autos go in 3gal pots, i use Atami Bloombastic 2ml per usgal, do not feed from jug bc autos are notoriously easy to burn pour a splash from the jug in a 16oz cup of water stir and feed, cant argue with results!

pic is sweet oarnge diesel kush, agent oarnge × sour diesel × triangle kush, weed is fire pulled a tad over 2 oz of flower off 2 plants.


That’s what I was thinking once they started flowering. I realized I had too many in the tent space that I had. I also should filled the soil almost to the brim. Only had them at about 75% full

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