Big Bud Devil seedling help

Hello all. First time growers.

We have a 2x2x4 tent and are growing indoors with 2 seedlings in one container using Roots Organic Original soil and have only used distilled water.

We have a 600W full spectrum twin circuit grow light with both the Bloom and the Grow LED circuits on. Lights are 16-18 inches from plants.

The air inside the tent is 82 degrees. A 4 inch filter for the air going in the tent and another after the fan for the air leaving the tent.

Auto timer runs everything 18 hours a day.

The photo is of a 14 day old Big Bud Devil with a portion of her twin sister’s leaf in the lower right.
The sister is doing great and the rest of the plant looks like what you see.

Our question is what is causing the browning of the leaves on one while her sister appears to be is doing just fine?

Hey there big Bud devil. Looking good there it’s still very early in your plants evolution so some lower leaves may die off due to New Growth absorbing nutrients. You may want to try to drop 82° down to about 77 degrees or 79 degrees with a humidity level around 50 to 60% this would ensure a balance nutrient intake. Browning of the leaves can be a combination of things such as Calcium deficiency zinc deficiency iron deficiency and others. I recommend cal Mag throughout entire vegetative stage.This will ensure your plant is receiving the proper iron, calcium, zinc, copper and other nutrients that may not be available and your vegetative feed. Otherwise than that your new growth in the middle is looking awesome keep up the hard work look forward to seeing what it turns out to be.

Thanks for the advice. We’ve got it down to 78-79 degrees but are stuck at 45-50% humidity.

Here’s the pair at 28 days in the soil.

The left one is about 6 inches tall. The 8" tall pot has one root starting to poke out the drain hole. Not sure from which plant. We will find out at transplant time in a few days.