Best water sources / setups?

I would like to know as much as possible when it comes to water :droplet:.

I have for some time now been involved in keeping a planted aquarium or more appropriately a high tech planted aqua scape. C02 injection etc.
To keep it short and on topic , I check this waters parameters often. And know it has stable levels of toxins so that my aquarium plants / fish / shrimp can thrive. Is this safe / smart ?

I have been pulling water from the tank. Adjusting its PH and it’s been going straight to my grow tent , and into my live soil.

Aside from this source, what are some tried and true “best” sources of water for the indoor cannabis cultivator. I’m interested in everything anyone has to share water related.

Filters ? Parameters ? Watering schedules ? Habits? Tricks ? Setup pictures ?

Thanks for any response.


morning @MountainGrown I have been evaluating the zero water filter in my hydro setup, search the topic for that info. It has some issues I am still figuring out but overall I think I will continue to use it instead of my normal distilled water that I purchased from walmart.

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Aquarium water is a top option. @Noddykitty has a ton of knowledge on this subject, hopefully he’ll share his thoughts.

I’ve got pretty good tap water here so that’s what I use. I let it sit in a bucket for a day and I pump air through it with an aquarium pump. Gets the chlorine out and adds in some dissolved o2.

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I have a cattle and horse farm across the road natural spring run from the pasture through my property i just started using it couple months ago and it’s working out nice but i have to carry it in 5 gallon buckets to my 50 gallon tank only bad thing about it and I was using tap water but its to hard i will know more when I start my indoor grow more plants and more water happy growing