Best strains for keif

can anyone tell me what strains you would grow for keif extraction? I love hash. auto of photo & forgiving for an in experienced grower.

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I would def try the white widows autos, we have ran them a few times they always grow strong, are forgiving with the feedings and get real frosty trichome production! Here is our grow video running them, I over fed and flushed and still made out with 2.6oz of frosty nugs we pressed some into rosin!

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great video! i have 2 white widow photo’s started now, just seedlings at this point, was thinking of trying auto’s outdoors this spring. I pressed some from last summers crop of bagseed unknown strain but turned out really nice considering i cut them down too early, my wife got nervous about the skunk that was stinkin up the neighborhood. my mother in law swore it lived under my shed. :rofl:


Northern lights is a good strain for resin production also ice "indicia crystal extreme "

I have been working on a nano Particle colloidal micelle solution for mites / gnats / bugs and one of the side effects is ELIMINATING MILDEW and CLEANSING… It is organic100% organic. Non-gmo. There’ s a trace amount of potassium bicarbonate (wine reduction agent) for ph adjustment, but less than .001% by volume. The mold and cleansing capabilities are a “value added” accompaniment, even and especially airborne…I use it to wash, I have not personally had mold issues to deal with, but our development site cured it (before it tunneled through the bud/s). When I have a FULL DRYING session and/or high humidity, I spray the harvest to prevent mold during dry time. Another byproduct is protection from weather extremes, they “attract” water by their very nature (hydrophilic) so that’s going to help keep the plant moist during times of drought and heat stress, and they effectively lower the freezing point. (more concentration, lower it even more) So instead of ice forming on the surface of the leaves at say 32f, it’s going to be 20, or 10, or perhaps as low as 0, depending on the concentration, much like antifreeze works.
Use is about 15ml per gal of water…foliar spray, drench solution for washing, watering solution for soil-borne infestations / temperature protection. The effigy for mold is around 2 weeks
I was wondering if you would have any need to test this and serve as a test bed. I want to do this before I invest $$ to send it to the labs…I need / desire DOCUMENTATION to support my claims so I can market it…If you are interested, email me an address so I can send some out…I already have @MDBuds receiving it and @Kronic is sending me his mailing addy to send him some
Mike [email protected]…

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