Best Strains for Coastal New York Outdoor Grows

What strains perform well Downstate and in Long Island Outdoors? I wonder if my Sativas will finish in time, and if my indicas will get moldy or mildewy… Hybrids anyone’s guess!

I grew on the Island when I was just a nubbin…Suffolk county. Great for outdoor growing. As far a mold, just spray with a mold deterrent…Organic. I spray all my plants, buds too, even at drying time to prevent mold. DO not use oils or anything like that, it has to be an organic non-gmo nano micelle to both prevent and cure mold.

I have Ed Rosenthal Zero Tolerance and Potassium Bicarbonate I can use to spray… are these ok?

I would not…Rosenthals Zero is PESTICIDE…it is OIL based and that means RESIDUE and that means no spraying when you got flowers…Mold is not a pest, it is a fungus
Potassium Bicarb - a little to alkaline for my taste to use all by itslef and can make N very powerful…I use a trace of it in my concentrate to adjust Ph but my concentrate is a nano sized colloidal dispersion prepared from amphiphilic molecules, with a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head. The hydrophobic core acts as a reservoir for hydrophobic drugs (or nutrients, enzymes) and the hydrophilic shell stabilizes the hydrophobic core. When It comes in contact with THC, it basically “scrubs” it, but leaves no residue, in fact, it removes residue. It also kills many insects (gnats, spider mites, thrips, white fly, etc), and prevents AND cures any type of mildew (ALL 26) (unless it is already tunneling inside the flower, then it is time to destroy the infected plant/s. Many on this site have tried my NOMO MOLD solution with great success. I can offer references if you like…
I do not sell it onsite, contact me
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