Best strain to grow on deck in Montana

Montana recently legalized us to grow up to four plants for personal use. I would like to grow the plants on my deck this summer. What strain would be best? When should I plant? I am a first time grower. Any help you can give me to get a successful first grow would be wonderful! Thanks, Montana Flower

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Autoflower, that’s how I got my feet wet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for your input!

I say about any indica strains for up north

Amnesia kush autoflower. About 10 weeks from seed to harvest. They say abiut 7 ounces per plant outdoors. I grow it indoors. Yield is less but really good buzz

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Definitely an autoflower. Your outdoor season is short that far north. 4 plants each really? Who wrote the law? That’s a joke and an insult to those who use it for medication.

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The dispensary dudes wrote the laws…Here in Vegas, if you live within 25 miles of one, you are no longer allowed to grow. There is one very corner now…
can you “stick it to the man”?

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I won’t tell if you don’t :smirk:.

Careful those oz creep up on you outside if is robust expect close to 1 pound lol

I got 5.25 ounces of dried bud on my blueberry kush. Was my my first grow. Was some of the best weed I had smoked. Don’t know why I said was I still have two ounces to smoke

I’d suggest regular photo periods but since you only get 4 plants I’d use a feminized seed, a 60/40 indica should be fine. start them now indoors and move them out when weather is suitable. Buy yourself a couple t5 light banks on the cost effective spectrum… put them under it. Maintain an environment similar to what you experience in late spring months. Gradually acclimate them to the outdoors. Happy growing…:sunglasses: