Beginning with indoor process

Hey guys I’m new to the community. My first question I may ask lol how much is it gonna cost me to set up my grower indoor ? I have a small room basically a normal room. If anyone can just give me a rough estimate that would be great. :grin:

Hi @Growman Slim! Welcome! :handshake:

I have a feeling you’re gonna get answers all over the place on that question :rofl:

Really it’s all up to you. How much you looking to grow is sorta the question. It’s gonna take about 5 months till you’re smoking your harvest. How much do you use in that time?

The light is going to be the biggest expense. However much you’ll need in grams, is about the amount of watts you’ll want the light to be.

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Oh wow lol. Well let’s just say I’m new to the industry so I believe I’m going to need more information than I think. Well I believe I want to start with at least growing about 6 plants to see how this works. Maybe I will need a step by step tutorial on getting my room started first before I invest in growing lol.

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Hi @Growman if you have nothing then for a quality setup 4x4 tent and ALL the necessary accessories and tools needed to grow, harvest and cure will run you $1k. It is a heavy investment but it will pay off quickly. You can get by for less $ but you will not be happy. My favorite saying is “you remember forever how much something cost you if you don’t like it but forget quickly if you like it”


Homegrown has a series of videos about setting up your grow room. A lot of us got started there.

Amazon and a lot of hydro stores have kits available with pretty much everything you need - tent, light, timer, exhaust fan, carbon filter, etc. Some of them even come with pots and soil.

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Man you Guys really have helped me thank y’all so much. I will look through Amazon and other websites to see where I can find an affordable kit therefore I can get caught up with you guys. Thanks again I really appreciate it.