Beginner's Tragedy

So I was a little over a month into my first grow. Lemon Haze and White Widow Autoflowers when a sudden death in the family turned my word upside down. I left my plants with my girl to look after while I went home to my family. Upon my return I was greeted by my loving dog and girlfriend who then explained an accident occurred. My gf was trying to help and attempted to do a little LST and snapped on of my Lemons in half. While trying to figure out what to do and you tubing fixes, she forgot to close the tent where my dog decided to destroy one of my widows. Needless to say I’m down to 1 Widow, 1/2 of a Lemon, and a seedling. They say it comes in 3s and it definitely did.


Hi @Topher85!

I hate that you are having a tough first run. The current times we are living in definitely require more strength from us than we think we have. I feel for you, My Friend. I wish you peace and hope that the stormy waters subside for you. How are your plants looking now?


Thanks brother!

The remaining Widow looks pretty good although she did some LST on it, it appears to be doing fine. The one on the left is the lemon and do is the small girl in the back.


Well, they sure look healthy and beautiful. You will be rewarded after trying times. :star_struck: :v:

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Definitely pours when it rains.


Good morning @Topher85 I’m sorry for your loss, and Pray for you and your family.

Your remaining girls will continue to rebound. Keep us posted.