Beginner with short bushy plant

Hi I posted my question so it would hopefully get answered during the live stream . Well it didnt get mentioned and here I am still looking for an answer to my situation… I have two plants planted at the same time one has spread out and grown nice and bushy and the other is really short and really really bushy but not near as tall or spread out… My question is which technique should the shorter plant be train with or how? Im new here so any help is appreciated…

Here are pictures of both of them…


First of all, Welcome to the site…
For an intelligent answer, it would be a good thing to know:]
What are the plants (strain / genus)
What are your lights
Size of the tent…important
temps, humidity
what do you feed them or what is watering schedule
how old are they and what are the sizes of the containers they are in

Both are grand daddy purple planted december 27th. They were both grown under the mars hydro ts1000 but I’ve moved them and they are both growing in a 2x4 tent with a spider farmer 2000 grow light… I keep the temps anywhere from 65 to 80 degrees and humidity above 55 percent as for feeding they get the standard based on the fox farm
feed table for their age … Theyre both in 5 gallon containers and are watered every other day or as needed since we check the soil with a gauge…

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@49erWeedMan welcome to the forum. All you are seeing here are phenotype variances within the strain. GDP doesn’t usually get more than 3 feet tall and stays short and bushy and slightly compact. Some phenotypes get taller, up to 5 feet, and spread out more because they have longer thinner branches.

To help the shorter one bush out more some light pruning and LST to allow more light in to the lower branches will help to get them to stretch up more. It will help it bush out more too and increase yield.

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Thank you. I kinda figured it was a different pheno but wasnt exactly sure if using the same training would work because she’s so bushy… Earlier I cleaned up alot of leaves that werent receiving light and LST the branches I could see a tad so they would be able to stretch some…

Both of these are photoperiod plants so how much more vegging can they do if they wont grow more than a few feet tall?


@49erWeedMan oh you can veg them as long as you want. I was just stating the average height for a seasonal photoperiod outdoor. The longer you veg the bigger they can get but generally indoor it isn’t cost effective to veg more than 6-8 weeks and it isn’t usually feasible to grow a plant larger than about 5 feet in a tent that’s only 6 to 7 feet tall.

If you follow the normal veg for 6 weeks then flower you will get your “average” sized plant for indoor.

Awesome thank you… I wasnt sure about the whole height issue etc as far as the strain… From what I understand when I go to flower some plants will possibly triple in heighth so yea I have to take into account heighth of lights etc Thanks for the help its much appreciated… I just went in and tied the bushy one down with some LST and am going to let her recover and see what happens… Again thank you very much…

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@49erWeedMan the size of the container and the container type play a large role too. The bigger the root the bigger the fruit. Lol

Plastic pots will get root bound and growth will stop at a certain point due to roots.

Fabric pots you can grow a much larger plant in the same sized container as long as it is fed and watered properly because it will air prune the roots. I’ve grown 5 foot plants in 1 gallon fabric pots but it got exhausting because I had to hand feed and water every single day. :joy:

You’re welcome man. I hope the LST helps you and you manage a decent yield. Your plants look pretty healthy though so you’re doing it right. Happy growing man. :v::call_me_hand::metal:

Yea theyre both in 5 gallon fabric pots was honestly worried the little one was getting too much water based on the leaves and how it was growing BUT I went to trim it one day and she was extra sticky the other one was sticky but not like little miss bushy there…Happy growing to you too!

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My last harvest was GDP yielded 61g, but was short & bushy. I LSTed mine.

Keep us updated

Then I switched to SCROG net, that worked.
Check out YouTube the knowledge is endless
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Nice how many colas did you have on it? Ive seen something somewhere that said 8 was the limit because of indoor lighting and space and possible yield etc… Maybe someone reading can explain that a bit more idk but for sure once I flip to flower I’ll post some more pics …