Beginner, White Widow Autos Outside: Is this a Hermie?

Hi, everyone. First time growing 2 WW Autos and 3 Northern Lights autos at various stages, the big ones just under 8 weeks since popping out of the soil. Everything looking good so far with lots of flowers, but then I saw these chunkier calyxes at the nodes. Are these going male or just more female calyxes? They are on all three of the maturing auto flowers… The plumper ones seems to have dark pistils coming out, too.

Still not sure what I’m looking for/at!


Here’s a closer shot of the plump calyx:

Look like happy ladies


@Growzebo Those dark pistols are interesting. Looks good though. I don’t see any nanners. Those dark pistols may be an early indicator of a colorful display closer to full maturity. Just have to wait and see. Enjoy! :crazy_face:

Thanks, y’all. I’ve got a couple of non-autos going, too, and they are following the rules more of what I expected from reading here. But the speed at which the autos are doing everything surprised me and got worried about missing something important! I will keep watching them develop, then!

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