Beginner: Seedling fell over after it Sprouted

After following the germination instructions I planted my Super tap-root Critical x Northernlights Autoflower seed. It Sprouted & stretched fast. Then it fell over & started to stretch again. It seems healthy but the stem is growing perpendicular to the soil & the vegetation is stretching to the light. Any ideas?


Seedlings stretch for just a few reasons. Light is too far away, humidity----seedlings like 80% Rh so try keeping it under a dome / clear cup…for a while, and lastly…wrong kind of light (t5, not enough blue spectrum, etc)
lets go from here.
It is ok to grow sideways as long as it is growing…remember that


Mike, Thanks for the Clear Cup Tip. The plant is starting to resurrect!

How far are the lights from this baby girl? If the light is to far as Mike mentioned it will do it every time. I would recommend 12" from the top of the plant. Of course I am a new year too. I am learning from my mistakes and try to spare others of the mistakes I make. I look forward to learning from all of you members.