Beginner needing advice

I’m a first time grower and I’ve got a lemon drizzle and a blue cheese growing. Both are autoflowers indoor in soil. The blue cheese is happy and content between 72&77 degrees with rh between 45&60. The lemon drizzle I can’t seem to keep happy. I shocked it and she started flowering. What’s the best course of action. She’s yellowing from leaf tips toward stem from bottom of plant to the top. New growth is coming in yellowish as well. Thanks in advance.


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I bet pH giveing you issues man check that if u possible can

Yes it is. I bought a cheap ph meter and it won’t calibrate anymore. I ordered a blue lab pen that should be here Friday and calibration solution. I’m really hoping to just finish my first run. I’ve learned a lot and have a long way to go but I really enjoy learning the process


Seems like you got a pretty good start. My beginners tips are: Don’t over-water, don’t overfeed, go natural whenever you can, and don’t harvest too early. Good luck and enjoy.


Appreciate the tips. I