Beginner leaves have spots

These are the feminized gelato am I doing something wrong all the leaves have these spots!

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Do not count the first, 2nd and even 3rd set of leaves. Watch but usually not an indicator. Many strains find some soils too this or too that. It does take a while for the roots to settle in. I have grown many different strains, in the SAME MASTER MEDIUM…some like it, some burn a little. You should only be using PLAIN water to feed and within 2 weeks, you may know if the plant likes or doesn’t like the soil.
Some soils are too hot for seedlings…Many of us use a dab of coco or peat in our soil for the seeds to start so it is neutral till the roots reach the soil. Each soil is different…what is your?

Do you have a closer shot of those spots? I’m just curious.

I wouldn’t worry about it.its still early for the seedlings

I think this is the one!

OK, we found the culprit. MG is too hot for seedlings…If you want to use it, you need to create a well in the container that will allow root growth from the seedling during its early stages. You can buy a bag of peat / coco and some perlite if you like…Make a well where the seed or seedling goes. This will protect the seedling from burning (where you usually start to get leaf color issues). Once roots are established, many use MG for growing.
@Kmac03 is correct and asked for better / closer pics of the spots…they are hard to see and to make a good call, a better inspection is warranted. Could the spots be something else? DE, watering spills, salts, etc?

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Thank you!!! I’ll be making some changes!