Beginner here…. Help

These are my two bruce banner plants. I know they dont look healthy. Any advice? Ph is good. I am using nutrient supplements in my water. Watering wet to dry. 18-6 light cycle. But my leaves look yellowish.

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Hi @ArowanaMarijuana2077 !

I don’t think your pictures quite made it, but I wanted to acknowledge you.

Nice to meet you! :v:


Can you post some pictures please?

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Hi and welcome! What size pots are you using? What is watering schedule and how much? How old are your plants? Are they autos or photos? Happy growing!

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They look fine to me, bit I’ll let others chime in who might can see a little better. Soil might be a little hot, but @Jram_13 had some great questions.

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Sorry this is new to me. I had difficulty posting the pictures. Soil is all organic as well as the feed i add to the water.

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These are feminized bruce banner fast version i bought through this site i also am using the organic feed from this site. Planted them well over 2 months ago. Im using the mars hydro grow tent. Im using a TSW 2000 mars hydro grow light on a 18/6 light cycle. Light are on 25% light at 2 feet above the plants. Im using a 6 inch ventilation keeping humidity between 40-50%. Temperature stays between 72-77. I check them 2 to 5 times a day. Im using the 5 gallon fabric pots the kit cane with. I started the seeds on a damp paper town for 18 hours then potted in a red solo cup for about 2 weeks i noticed the roots were growing out of the bottom of the red solo cup so i repotted to the 5 gallon pots. I water every 2 days depending on how dry the soil is. I tired to make this detailed to a tee. Thank you to anyone willing to help. I appreciate you more than you know!

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They look okay to me, they just might be struggling with a big pot.

Normally, with photos, the progression is solo > 1 gal > 3gal > 5gal, etc.

The reason is the roots are going to grow first in that bigger pot, so you won’t necessarily see much progress above ground until she feels secure rooting below. If you decide you want to, you can replace into 1 gal and go from there. You are the Creator, so it’s really up to what your intuition says. Looking forward to seeing your progress. :v:


Try a test of higher % light for a few hours and check back. Maybe go a bit longer on water…? 3 days possibly. Look for leaves to droop and then water. A lot of folks have had positive results with a timed bottom feed with periodic foliage sprays. Humidity 50+ with air flow for a good veg. I am growing a banner also and seems temperamental with temp changes. Have you noticed the same? Kmac was right on about the roots going crazy in a bigger pot. It is good, give the top time to catch up! Good luck!


Did you clean/flush the soil before you transplanted? I wouldn’t give the smaller of the two anything but water and less frequent until some steadier upward growth. The other just weekly blood meal or N very lightly, with light watering if every other day. You want to be able to; see the leaves, check weight of pot and feel soil an inch to inch and half depth for moisture to judge feeding, IMO. Hope it helps!

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Thank you for mentioning this. I got caught on this issue on one of my early grows when attempting to transplant.

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I had a similar problem and lost my first two plants. The second planting I raised the lights as high as they could go and they are doing much better.