Beginner advice (first outside grow starting in autumm )

I am going to start germinating my seeds today , Later putting them in rockwool cubes . Only problem is I’m starting the grow in the beginning of autumn and will be growing the plants outside. There is still 12 hours of light every day with the days getting a couple of minutes shorter each day . Do you see me having any problems with my grow ? I bought nothing but the best Canna growing materials and plant food and this is my first grow . I can’t really afford to have this go wrong because I am turning these plants into Rick Simpson oil to cure my cancer . I appreciate the advice . Thank you

Welcome Rick…best wishes to you
Restate - it is SPRING and you are going to plant outdoors in Fall / Autumn? Yet you are germinating today? something is not right here…Please re-examine
What zone do you grow in?
Genus - photo / auto flower
auto - 5 hrs of sunlight is enough for them to produce flowers. Plants can go from seed to harvest anywhere from 9 weeks to 14 on the average. You can stretch but that is the average…3 months and you are harvesting
photo period - usually vegged for 8 weeks, the flip…The flip requires a 12/12 light/dark. If you get light creep at dark time, it will affect the growth. In the northern hemisphere, our days are getting longer now and shorter after the summer solstice. Are you in southern hemi?

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Hi : Thank you for answering my questions
.Yes I’m in Australia where it is just starting to go into fall . What steps to I have to take since I should have planted in spring but I was in the process of finding the right seeds . I’m doing things backwards and I need to get advice to get things right . I’m turning the harvested bud into Rick Simpson oil which cures cancer and a lot of diseases and ailments , Its funny you can grow 4 plants for personal recreational use in Canada but it is illegal to turn those plants into healing oil . Governments really know how to kowtow and protect Big Pharma .

So your winter season will be coming in play after fall as you just came out of summer, Right?
What are the lengths of the sunlight, not daylight, for autumn and winter?
What seeds have you procured (auto or photo period flowering)?
Photo period - Basically, MJ grows the same based on amount of sunlight. You start your seeds and they reach VEG stage in about 2/3 weeks. Skip ahead to flowering and work backwards. Flowering begins when the DARKNESS reaches 12 hours. We call it FLIP…When the plant flips from veg to flower. The plants hormones signal it is time to flower before the end of the season so it can regenerate and seed for continuation of the species.
Flowering is an average 8-11, 12 weeks (contingent upon strain) to reach full maturity and harvest time
You can VEG indefinitely if there are at least 24/15 hours of light. DO the math, know your stains and you can work out the timeframes
Autoflower—well these girls do not care about the length of the day. They are going from seed to harvest in their respective timeframes…9-14 weeks average
I hope this helps you get closer to your goal…My prayers and best wishes for you…my friend

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Thank you Mike :

I’m sure we get 9 hours of sunlight a day where I am .I have to buy a good grow light .After I have germinated the seeds and put them in rockwool cubes and put them in a covered tray I planned to shine a light on the cubes and when the plants get maybe a foot high transplant them into the pots I bought . I bought 20 Indica strain of seeds, 100% indica with 25% THC from I love to grow marijuana company . Also bought all the best Canna growing materials and plant food . I’m hoping Im going about this the right way so Ill watch a few more You Tube videos . I have a Govt permit to buy cannabis to use for medicinal purposes . Went to the pharmacy and checked the price - $190 for 1/3 of an ounce . I bought some oil for $300 for 3.5 ounces . The oil did not look like Rick Simpson oil and did nothing for me and I bet you the cannabis is poor quality too so I need to grow my own so I know exactly what Im getting . The government really knows how to rip off cancer patients . God bless you Mike and may the best things in life come your way .

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What are the 20 strains your bought?
We have some phenomenal people here who have been growing since “ancient times” :smile:
Our resident doc…@MDBuds knows his strains and the best terpene makeup for treating ailments. We also have @Kronic , @Highigan , @kmac03 (holistics and homeopathic remedies…she is our resident VoDoo doctor…we love her) and others, who together have hundreds of years experience.
Please be careful browsing the web for “HOW TO”. I am a seasoned veteran, started in the 60’s…as are many other growers here. We have more knowledge than the YouTube how to’s and ours is piratical, real world. There is a reason we all hang out at Kyle’s’ HomeGrown…Form seeds, to knowledge, to a COMMUNITY.
We can recommend lights, action, camera! if you get my meaning.
Many of us also support our vets, disabled and those in need. We are about caring.


Wow. I’m almost speechless, @Mrb53004. I appreciate you. :v:t2: :star_struck: Just to note, Vodun isn’t my specialty, though I have friends who do.

Nice to meet you, @Rickcurescancer1 ! I look forward to seeing your plants!


Hi kmac03 : I have decided to grow the plants indoors after talking to the good guys in Canna . Will keep you posted and will take pictures of my Granddaddy Purple . I’m looking to the day I can tell everyone I was cured using cannabis . I’d like to grow and make more healing cannabis oil to give to cancer sufferers at cost or even free if they can not afford to pay .


Hi kmac03 : I have a quick but important question . I went to a hydoponics shop in Melbourne and saw a grow tent Im thinking of buying that guaranteed will suit all my growing needs or so said the fellow at the shop . Its probably 6 feet by four feet by four feet (guess) comes with lights and ventillatin system …My friend who was with me said it looked to be a good deal . The concern I have is this . Once I have set this unit up in my room is smell going to be an issue ? There are other people who have rooms just down the corridor from my room .

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@Rickcurescancer1 bro it pisses me off when clubs get over on medical patients. It’s part of the reason I’m developing the strains I am at the moment. These assholes have it bassackwards. Charge the recreational guys more and give the discounts to the real med patients.

Anywho, if you need help with anything give me a holler. I have recipes for days for solvent free extracts and RSO. There’s also a lot here already posted in the forum.

As far as your question for @kmac03 smell is always a concern indoor if you don’t have a sealed tent and the proper intake/exhaust fans and filters.

Did that package come with decent intake and exhaust fans with carbon filters?

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Dear Mdbuds : I’m really interested in getting the highest quality RSO / FECO . There is a really nice English lady who is trying to help me out who had exactly the same cancer as mine . Colorectal /anal ademocarcinoma . She wants to send the oilto me over here in Australia but Im a bit scared what will happen if it is intercepted by customs . Do you know where I can buy some ? I really need to get on it as soon as possible .Some people think that having cancer is no big deal .That I can wait till upcoming spring to grow some plants because she dragged her feet . I would not wish this on anyone and my youngest brother died of bone cancer just before he turned 21 . Im probably alive because I refused chemo / radiation and am going the cannabis oil route along with other alternative treatments when I can save enough money to go to the clinic I wanted to send my brother in Tijuana , Mexico . Anyways I kind of got off track .If the tent is airtight I guess the only ways to air things out would to be open the large window beside the spotI put the tent .I’ll talk to the hydroponics shop . Will the smell linger in the room after the plants have been harvested? Thank you for all te great info and for helping me out


Hi @Rickcurescancer1 ! Looks like @MDBuds got you taken care of. Follow his instructions for ventilation as smell can be an issue if you are trying to hide it. Also, some strains are more smelly than others, like the diesels and skunks (I recently learned why it’s called such). If you are in one room, I would definitely make sure it’s well ventilated as the smell will get in your hair, skin, clothes, etc.

Do you have stomach involvement in your cancer? How are you processing nourishment? I’m sorry to ask so many questions, I can’t help myself.

It hasnt progressed to the stomach just rectum / anal . I might buy the oil if I can provided its good quality or pack up and go back to my country of birth where it is legal in Canada .

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I wanted to be sure as most don’t correlate stomach disorder/diseases with the inability to process ingestibles properly. Are you going to get your oil sans alcohol? Maybe someone can process it with marshmallow or something similar to help lessen the chance of flare ups?

@Rickcurescancer1 the smell can linger but if you set it up to exhaust out of the window and you have a quality carbon filter on your intake and exhaust it will barely be noticeable.

Another thing that helps is hanging up those bags of green bamboo activated charcoal around your room just in case. They passively purify air and clean up odors.

As for the oil I have no idea where to buy it from in Australia. I currently am between harvests myself otherwise I’d just make you some and send it in a tincture with instructions on how to process into rso or use as is.

I will say though that when you do find it making edibles, tinctures, or suppositories with sunflower lecithin will increase the effectiveness of the oil.

Hi MDBuds :

Thank you for your kind offer . I’m happy to say I found some oil but it’s pretty expensive .at 90bucks a gram for RSO . I’m buying 30 grams for 2700 to start and another 30 grams the following month . I plan to not only to take it orally but also to take suppositories . The fellow I’m getting the oil from cured his wife of colon cancer . He said she slept a lot after taking the oil so it sounds like it definitely is good quality indica . I’ll grow my own plants when spring comes so I have some oil always on hand as a maintenance dose . I should have a lot of excess oil so I’ll give it away at cost to other cancer sufferers

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