Been a while, learned alot!

Well it has truly been a minute but now that I have a better comprehension of what I’m doing, I’m ready to go. I had ordered photos and autos the last time and like a fool I didn’t mark them. And I had ordered two of the same strains but one was a Auto and one was a photo so, I think you can understand what I did. Lighting was all wrong. I just ordered autos this time I have 9 going ATM, I have 6 more I’ll start in a day or two, all autos, 3 gallon smart pots, 2 150w groplanner and a Mars hydro ts1000 in a 3x6 area. Pineapple glue, gorilla blue, Zkittlez, gelato, blackberry gum. Love y’all,

This community is awesome much love yall


I write the strain on a piece of tape, tape it to a wooden clothes pin and clip the pin to the side of the fabric pot. It helps to classify them at transplant. Happy growing


I actually got some different colored pile cleaners from the dollar store. I have them on the handles for what strain I’m growing. And I’ll just continue to use that color for lst.

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@Jram_13 i have to use tape too. I like your idea taping to the clothes pin to clip on the pot. I usually just take blue painters tape and tape it back around to itself after snaking around the main stem close to the soil line.

The damn crows have waged war on me for years. They think it is hilarious to squawk loudly (for hours sometimes) until they get my attention. As soon as I notice they yank as many of my plastic or stick tags out of my clone trays and fly away. Or creep under my big plant canopies and steal them. I would just get a BB gun but I don’t have the heart. Or else I would feel obligated to eat the damn thing. Or compost it at least.

I wonder if the crows are smart enough to pinch clothes pins with their beaks?