Basics of healthy leaves

After learning that my cats would indeed destroy plants, I started my crop over.

The DoSiDo and White Widow are both 5 days old. I notice their true leaves are a deep green. I am wondering how to monitor leaf color closely on this crop to improve yield. Seems healthy leaves and roots developed during the vegging stage will product larger, tastier crops.

So, advice on how to monitor the health of leaves on a daily basis?

The leaves do change colors as they move through each stage. What is normal transitioning? The leaves lose color as the flowers gain?



I want to add that the destruction of the seedlings was directional. In the process of replacing them I discovered I did NOT have 2 autoflowers growing, but rather one auto and one photo. And when I looked through my seeds to replace them, I discovered that was the last autoflower seed I have.

I have learned just how much I like the flower. I should get busy growing more faster. :laughing:

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I found an article online that answered my questions. And with pictures.

Here’s the link: What Cannabis Leaves Can Tell You - RQS Blog

The images tell you what is wrong, and how to fix.

This one is even better because the writer is a home grower like us. Annotated images.

These 2 are bookmarked in my browser.