Banana compost/fermented banana

So, looking for a chemists mind here. I’ve used banana peel in my soil to grow. Now We’ve been passed a couple quarts of fermented banana to us on my tomato plants and I’m wondering if there’s a pro or con to using it on the marijuana grow? It’s pretty basic water, brown sugar, and banana fermented in a jar for 6-8 weeks. I know it’s an odd question but any thoughts?

potassium, potassium, potassium…I blend old bananas and peels and use them in a tea. I let them settle and add them to my compost after I have used the tea…I have much bigger flowers this year than previous years and I only added them to my compost last year which is this years soil foundation.
It is almost impossible for organic / nature based products to harm your plants…Only things that cause big Ph swings are of concern (like citrus)


I’m making myself crazy trying to remember human physiology as it pertains to a completely different but similar thought process I’m personally experiencing as to how it relates to plants.

Potassium activates calcium and vice versa in cardiac muscle? I appreciate your patience with this. I’ll get to the meat of the matter eventually.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking but I wanted to ask and make sure there wasn’t some negative side effect between fermented sugar and bananas that I wasn’t considering.

Thank you to you both :grimacing:

Happy 4th!

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Would too much potassium lead to acidic soil eventually?

PS: I’ve fermented male cannabis plants in the sunlight. Getting ready to test it in similar fashion to horsetail. I will say, it smells like I rolled around in pollen, so extremely strong smelling with the added scent of fermented horse manure. :v:

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@kmac03 potassium as an element is alkaline so if the soil has too much potassium it will increase ph and potentially cause lock out.

With that said banna peels aren’t immediately bio available and slowly break down over time for more of a long term potassium supplement and won’t affect soil ph much.

Now using them in compost is a different story. If you use a lot of banana peels along with anything that has a lot of calcium you can potentially create a very alkaline compost that will need to be amended to achieve the proper ph for growing cannabis.

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@HippiePa that fermented banana tea will be great as a flower supplement. Just make sure you check the ph because ferments can often become pretty acidic around 4.5 to 5.5 ph depending on what process was used for fermentation.

If the ph of the ferment tea is too high just dilute it and use it as you would any other potassium supplement for flower.


Thanks @MDBuds That’s what I was hoping to hear!


This is what I was digging around my memory for. It’s also a process within cardiac physiology, leading to a blockage, and a juicy, exciting ride to an MI.

As usual, thanks for your brain power! :v:

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Hi Mike, how are you doing out there in Las Vegas? I hear it’s 117, how are you and your ladies doing?

Beth, it has been like living in HELL…It was 118°f a few times but that temp is taken in the SHADE. My yard was 122-127F…I Ilost about 9 plants so far
Lost= Acapulco Gold, Thai, SFVOGK, BubbaK, GSC, Early Miss
Moved all containers to the shade under the tree
containers - GDP, Acapulco Gold x 2, BubbaK
The garden still has
2 GSC auto, GG4 auto, Early miss, 3 SFVOGK,
Seedlkings - 5 GSC auto, 5 Frankenstein Auto, 1 Durban Poison, 2 SFVOGK
strange, they are in 1 gal post and thriving
I just seed 3 Frankenstein Photo…indoors…transplanted to 5" peat cup today. Still in 80f with 80Rh…thriving rather well.
My outdoor plants, the AG buds are getting airy, thin…due to the heat. Potency is still there and I hope I can thicken by harvest time…May just move it into a closet for 2/3 weeks to see if I can get it to FILL OUT. Maybe add a co2 bag, chill the soil, lower light to 8-10 hrs on or less to keep the closet cool
Thanks for asking. I will keep you posted

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Mike, I’m glad to know you are ok, sorry about your plants. We were getting a little rain, now that’s dried up and it’s hot again. Nothing close to what you are experiencing. This is a very dry Monsoon this year for my part of the state. I’m up early to water the couple of trees that I have.
Thanks for your update. Hang in there.

Hi everyone, I want to thank you for the beneficial teas discussion. I made a compost tea and wow. My plants looked good but I could see a difference overnight. I’ve made up a banana peel tea, can’t wait for it to be ready. Thanks for being patient with us that are slower with chemistry.

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