Bagseed First Timer

I’m about 21 days after 12/12 flip, things are looking well, but I’m thinking I have way to may bud sites on my plants. Just looking for advice. It only lets me post one pic, hopefully this one help


Looks good to me. That’s what everyone wants. Less leaves and more bud sites. Just trim the lowers. Say everything down below 4-5 “ from the soil. Your tops will more than compensate you for any hacked budlets and these lowers will just act like parasites sucking vigor and nutrients from the tops. Since they aren’t getting much light down there. Stealing the work of the top buds so to speak.

But more importantly it separates your plant from the soil. Pest aren’t going to climb up on weakling little bud and leaf freeways to the plant tops. They will even carpool and bring friends. A lot of molds and fungus are laying around in the soil zone waiting for you to water hard so they can splash up onto leaves and lower weak buds too close to the dirt to infect the plant. And the fungus and molds can hitchhike into the bug carpool too. I think this reason is way more important than the first. But together = real important step once buds start to fill in like you have now.

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Hope you took a clone.

Unfortunately, nope. Didn’t think about it at first, as I’m trying to get the basics down. Don’t even have a clue as to what strain it is, pure bagseed from a friend who happened to have some in a cubbyhole. Some leaves look indica and some sativa, so hybrid for sure, but more dominant sativa it seems.

Thanks for the advice though

Great job @Noddykitty. I agred with the advice of trimming the lower bud sites, it really does help your primary buds gain weight. Your plants look great and healthy. Again great job on your first grow.

And @Noddykitty as you use the forum, read post, like pictures etc. You gain permissions, as in you can post more pics in one day, or gain more likes etc.

they look healthy, I want too many bud sights! happy growing!