Bad germination and growth with Homegrown seeds

I have some GG4 auto flowers that are seeing many problems with germination and growth. No IT IS NOT ME i have been gardening for 35+ years and hold a master gardener certificate from my state.
I have other variety’s all dropped at the same time as well from Homegrown that are doing great. I also have hade great success in the past with Homegrown Can Co seeds.

Is there any recourse to get replacements for these seeds? Obviously they are bad quality seeds and yes i have tons of pics.

Thanks Dono

What method did you use. My first year growing(last year). I only got 3 of 12 seeds to germinate. I simply dropped them in soil and sprayed them with water. This year I used the paper towel method and my germination rate was %100.

Personally for me I’m chalking it up to my inexperienced, never really crossed my mind they could have been bad seeds

I had problems with some GG4’s…auto - out of 22, only 1 grew…And I have 50 years experience

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I used the paper towel method basically what this site recommends. I have been growing forever i know how to germinate seeds that is for sure. i had a few never make it and a few that are small and deformed and one that is very small and very deformed i don’t expect much if anything out of this seed.

@GixxGrows did you contact the company?they have a 100% germination guarantee