Babies leaves are wilting

The leaves on my plants are wilting, started the seeds on the 2nd, 14 days ago, they started off like gang buster, but now they have stopped thought I was overwatering them I haven’t watered them in 2 days. They are under T1000 light from Spider under full light. They are 4” and 2 are 2”, they couldn’t be root bound at that size, could they Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

You are probably right on the overwatering. Lift up the cups every day and get a feel for the weight.

The plant will probably give up on that leaf. No need to prune it yet though. Just keep an eye on the new growth.

They are getting lighter, should I have full light on them of less because of their age? Thank you

Yes, I was also going to suggest a bit more light as well if you can. I’ve seen some people use silver wrapping paper from Walmart as a cheap hack.

you say they are under FULL LIGHT…I would not have plants this young under anything stronger than 40-50%

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Bingo. Spider recommends starting under dim light at a distance, something like forty percent at thirty inches. They might go as high as sixty percent, but I wouldn’t with highly reflective solo cups unless the light was right at the thirty inch mark and no closer. As mike said,40-50%

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Going to lower light, at what point do you go full light, my last grow which was my first, l was using 60w lights and the lights were always to small, first time with proper lights.

This is a chart I found that is very helpful for a spider farmer “1000 series” light.

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Definitely over watering. Which were all guilty of. Are you using Ph’ed water. I start my plants off in 4inch jiffy cups in a super sprouter humidity dome. 17 watt t-5 bulb 4 or 5 inches from the the light, i also use a heat mat. From there they go into a 5 gallon cloth pot. Transplant once and be done. There’s times I my go 5 to 7 days without watering. Depends on growing conditions, temp, humidity etc. Also when watering don’t give them all the water at once, you don’t want the water running right through the soil, when that happens the roots cannot absorb the water. Add a little bit at a time.