Autos flowering light sensitivity and stunting

I’ve made a couple mistakes with my grow, I have 2 purp gorilla glue in one tote and 3 critical 47 in another. One of the pgg seems much more sensitive to the light than the other, I’m not sure what to give it to make it more accepting of the light.
With my critical, they look amazing, but I accidentally over watered once and it seems like the buds stopped growing in mass and are only maturing, I believe those will be mature in a couple weeks, is there anything I can do to produce more flower in this time frame?

Pictures would be helpful if possible.

@Mrlucky92 potassium and silica will help you out with the light sensitivity and bud density.

I’ve been giving them this stuff called crystal burst and that’s a 0-15-15 so I think I’m good on potassium but I don’t have anything with silica in it, also I should say with the yellow one there was a third but it seemed to be struggling too much so I cut it. My picture is too big to share and I’m surprised I made it this far. Thank you for the advice though.