Autos at 30-35 days

This will be my first serious auto run. I have been dabbling a little the last year in between my photoperiods to prep for the fall auto run.

Ive decided to run them in the 4x8 since the photos are done. They will be under two SE5000 (spider farmer) lights. Running three oscillating, 6" exhaust with carbon filter, and 4" intake with carbon filter.

Soil… Im running them pretty hot… For germination - Promix and worm castings. For final pots (3 and 5 gal fab) im using Promix, worm castings, Gaia rock dust, Kashi, fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, and an organic craft blend. The only real difference from the last photo run is I started them on Gaia 4-4-4/ 2-8-4 and then once they sexed and went into pre flower I switched to 2-10-5 by build a soil. Im also using their Big 6 micro nutrients. For top dressing I am using a top dress blend by Buildasoil and adding a few other ingredients.

Other than that it is well water only and some recharge for the microbes every 7 days or so.

I dropped a few beans on 8/31 and some on 9/5 so they are anywhere from 30-35 days from the day I put them in soil.

So fare they are looking good. I only topped one plant and left the main stems on the rest. I am notorious for not performing LST, but I just can’t stand to torture my ladies :slight_smile:

So instead I just let them go until they sex and start to head to pre flower. At that point, a few days of some diligent leaf tucking and the secondary stems will stretch through and reach for the lights.

Super orange haze (Mephisto) - the only topped one and she responded well.

Forum Stomper (Mephistos Girl Scout cookies)

Double Grape (Mephisto)

Mephisto’s Wedding (Wedding cake x double grape)

Creme De La Chem (Mephisto)

Pina Auto (Ethos)


Edit… I did also use a small amount of perlite and some insect frass in the soil.

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Those look nice. Good job


the plants are beautiful, congrats!!! :100: Do you think HST compromised the plant? I’m thinking of doing mine, I think it’s more interesting than folding.

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I don’t think so at all… I topped her pretty early and she’s doing great. I only did it on the super orange haze as I had two in the tent. I was too afraid to do more until I see what these genetics do.

The others are doing great with just a little leaf tucking… even since the pictures all the secondary stems are stretching great with the main stem just poking out above the rest 3-6 inches. Personally it seems silly what some people do to their plants with all the bending… I’m not judging :slight_smile: just not my thing. I’ve seen great results from people but that is quite a bit of effort and time and very stressful on a plant… I would rather hst. Leaf tucking is slightly annoying to the plant and you for a couple days but you will get the same or better results… just keep gently massaging those stems outwards.

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Are you going for quality or quantity? Sounds to me like you are going for quantity? They look strong and healthy tho.

Hans, I generally always grow for quality as I always have so much bud I give it away to about everyone I meet. Although I am an avid smoker, I am probably even more avid of a grower:).

But… If I can get both, then great… Im never going to keep stems that won’t stretch or lower nodes that can’t get full light. in a low density grow in a 4x8 with 900 watts of horsepower lighting it up, the girls can stretch out as much as the want so I don’t mind a little side/lateral branching.

Im not sure why its always an either or when you can do both… But realistically, I would be happy with 75 grams of top tier flower over 120 grams of mid grade. But if I can get 75 of primo nug and another 25 that is a tier below… im good with that too… I’ll roll a few jays.

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This one is a freebie seed of the same genetics im running now. I planted it as a trial to see what they were about and if it could hand the soil build I planned on using for fall run. I removed most the lateral grow as they were squeezed inside my photo tent. This is at 54 days from seed… I would like to take her to day 70-75.

mango smile x 3 bears og - day 54 from seed. She’s frosted and super stinky dank already. The ones im growing now look way better at the same point as I did not care for this one a whole lot. This plant only received 12 hrs light as well.

Curious what you mean by leaf tucking,did you mean plucking?

Franko - Basically you are just pushing bigger fan leaves down and underneath flower sites so the can get light and stretch up. Early on this is better than chopping them off if you’re not bending them over with lst. Im only trying to average about 75 grams a plant so this works good for me as i’m removing most the lower growth.

Here is few autos a week later since original post. They are all very uniform in size except one of the wedding cakes stay a little squatter. But flower sites look amazing are stacking resin and developing their odors.

Wedding Cake #1 day 43 from seed

Creme De La Chem day 38 from seed

Double Grape day 43 from seed

Wedding Cake #2 43 days from seed - the squatter one

GSC day 43 from seed

Super Orange Haze day 43 from seed


woo hoo…7 full weeks since seed (except for 2 are 6 weeks). Getting pretty stinky up in here. I removed my extra plants I just started (Sour Livers x Livers BX1 , Double Grape x Skywalker x Skywalker, and Double grape x Sour Stomper… Need one more for the 4x4 so I think I’ll pop a Banana Daddy or Planet of the Grapes so I can get two different genetics in the same environment) as I bought the new ACI 4x4 kit… That is a sweet deal for everything you get in the kit and once I got it set up it was dope. For the cost, ACI makes the best stuff. I wouldn’t buy another brand tent other than Gorilla. I’ll post a pic of the 4x4 set up next update as the lights are out…

…But back to the 4x8

Forum Stomper (GSC forum cut x Sour Stomper) day 49 from bean drop.

Mephisto’s Wedding (Wedding Cake x Double Grape x Creme de la Chem) Day 49

Double Grape (Grape Crinkle x Sour Stomper)

Super Orange Haze (SLH x Sour Orange Diesel Kush) day 49

Pina Auto - Ethos (Pluto cut x Peach OG) day 42

Creme de la Chem x Sour Stomper x Creme de la Chem - Day 42

Definitely some of the most consistent plants ive run - auto or photo. All are super terpy and they all gunna be some resin crusted dank. The colors on all of them were super unique to each strain… The fullness of the colors were super impressive to me and ive definitely been stock piling some seed. Every plant is within a couple inches of he same size and have excellent structures and fairly close spacing between the nodes so those those colas will grow in nice and dense. Leaf to flower ratio is very consistent as well although the wedding cakes and sativa doms will need some cleaning up.

The wedding cakes are some serious indica dark green leaves on bottom now… The Double Grape has an Army green color and is frosty for days… Definitely recommend. The super orange haze vegges in a beautiful evergreen shades.

The Forum Stomper (GSC) is the clear leader in the tent. I can’t feed her fast enough… Definitely run her in a 5 or 7 if you run this one. I would probably run the Wedding Cakes in 5’s if I had a do over… And probably the Pina as I know how that Peach OG is gonna stack.

Anyways… Pretty happy with the soil builds, top dresses, and other feedings with the 2-10-5. Will make two small adjustments/ additions for next run.


They are starting to turn pretty fast and look right on schedule for the 65-75 day range depending on the strain. You can see the pistils starting to recede as the flowers take shape. Everything has been looking great except one plant I’ve had some trouble keeping up with her nutrition. They got their last craft blend kashi, and fish bone meal yesterday and today go drenched with some microbial support. They will only get water soluble 2-10-5 organic bloom if they need anymore support other than water. Next week I will turn the lights peak intensity down from 100% to 90%. Still adjusting the light to 75% for the first and last two hours of their day giving them 14 hrs high intensity and that seems to be working well for them.

Mephisto’s Wedding - day 51 from seed

Double Grape - day 51

Forum Stomper - Day 51


Down the the home stretch… Definitely excited to dig into this stash as everything is crazy terpy…So many dank flavors. Thinking 1-3 weeks these girls. Until then a few main cola pics.

Mephisto’s Wedding 1 - about day 61ish from seed.

Mephisto’s Wedding 2 - 61 days

Forum Stomper (GSC) - Trying to hold on for another week.

I’ll take me some double grape

Super Orange Haze - Slower flowering but she’s gonna be a beast.

So now is the hard part… figuring out the next run. Definitely going autos again. Gonna germ the next run tomorrow as I gave some others away I was going to run.

Gonna go…

Planet of the Grapes - ethos
Pina Auto - ethos
Banana Daddy - ethos
og kush - ethos
samsquanch og - mephisto
Mango smile - Mephisto
forgotten strawberries - Mephisto
Mephistos Wedding - Mephisto

Should get some terpy flavors, high thc, and a good mix of sativa and indica out of that.


I couldn’t help but notice all the Ethos genetics you’re using so I figured you may like their OKC strain (Orange Kush Cake) , I grew some of their OKC on my 2nd grow they were some nutrient loving girls and so frosty and dense super tasty buds out of them if you happen to come across them try them out I think you’ll like

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Man they all looking so nice!!

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Thanks… Here are some pics after final water today… Few more days! They are all 70-75 from seed. The Super Orange Haze will probably go 85.

Mephisto’s Wedding 2 - Beautiful finisher with dense flowers full of lavenders and purps. Tons a frost and loud af.

Double Grape - Another beautiful finisher… The loudest and greasiest of the crop. The fuel on this fuel and resin are insane and my preferred type of smoke.

Mephisto’s wedding 1 - She didn’t throw down with a lot of color but she did put on a beautiful perfect fade. Nugs are super tight and frosty and smells exactly the same as her twin… Which is like a dream.

Wedding cake nugs

Double Grape - Nugs not huge but are like rocks and just nasty wet greasy


The profile of the OKC sounds great and everything I have had from ethos is bomb. Ill definitely look it up the next time I go shopping.

The super orange haze im growing now is a sour orange diesel kush (SODK) crossed with a greasy SLH from Barcelona. The breeders did a nice job on it as the terps are smelling great but is quite the slow finisher as she’s just starting to fade at day 70… Ill post pics in about a week when she’s closer to chop.


SODK. Sounds pretty yummy for sure


Straight Fire! Great job :100:


The wedding cake is awesome! I think I’ll have a look into mephisto genetics! I got some dosi do autos for my next grow as well.