Auto's are blooming way to early

Ok a little history… This is our first year growing auto’s. We grow strictly outdoors or outdoors in plastic tents. no lights other than the sun ever. All plants are from seed not clones.
So early this spring we decided to try some Auto’s and did so, and for first timers , great success, Very happy with results. We grew 7 plants to harvest and use… Then we got down to concentrating on the photo periods… with that going smoothly (mostly lol) we decide to grow 3 new auto strains we had… we put the seeds in on 7/17/2021. now on 8/24/2021 (and actually a week earlier) 2 are budding for sure and the other is definitely going in to flower, These have grow items the same as the first set except the time of year. They act almost , to me. like fast photo periods in that they are budding as the loss of daylight happens… But I have never read anything about not being able to grow Autos outdoors after the Summer Solstice (I am Southern Oregon coast) All pictures are of the plants being where they have been from introducing the seed to medium… seeds are Blue Dream ‘matic’ auto… Red Congolese auto … Cherry Kush auto…

Any ideas greatly appreciated,

Stay healthy and happy friends,

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I’m not sure exactly what you are asking…

recommends: -remember, these are recommendations, not written it stone or even the best methods, just my opinion
Outdoors, go with Tan pots in the future…black absorbs heat and they look a little heat stressed.
Looks like they could use a little more Nitrogen…do you foliar feed? Urine / ammonia is a great QUICK N fix (just not on the buds)…male urine, 1 day old, about a shot glass to a quart of ro water, never sprayed in sunlight…(female urine has hormones that male does not)
Are you hose watering? Check the Ph…maybe make a tea, aerate min 1 day, 3 or more preferred, tea should contain:
1 tsp molasses per gal h2o, some leaf scrap from yard (this all should sit in sun and cook in like a 5 gal pail with an airstone). Add 1/4 milk per gal water, some KELP, you can add epson salt (1 tsp per 5 gal)…you can spray or water with this tea

air - make sure they get air, especially if you close the top…
Rh - for flower time, around 50-60%…lower as you move to late flower
no Nitrogen as they move to mid / late flower…that is when it is time for P&K (flower nutrition)…add fruit / banana to your tea, sweet potato too…cook min 1 week WITH AIR


Ok… No Problem … thanks…