Autos - 65 days from seed

Sometimes its nice when you popped a couple beans in the middle of a cycle to get a little change up in flavors before the next one in a couple months.

I had some freebies so why not… They didn’t have the most premium environment growing up and they were put in 3gal pots due to space. The 1st is a Mephisto cross of Sour Livers and Livers BX1. For those that know the livers (more known in Europe) its some tasty dank. I remember smoking more growing up but its been a while since I had good livers and this ones definitely smelling like it.

The other one is also from Mephisto, a Double grape crossed with Skywalker and then again to Skywalker. The OG is the dominant aroma and she’s pretty loud as well but nothing compared to the livers.

Sour Livers x Livers BX1 at 65 days.

Double Grape x Skywalker x Skywalker at 65 days from seed.

Both plants only grew out to about 18in but put on some nice dense frosty nug. It looks to me the livers will finish about a week earlier at about day 75 and the OG is going to go 80-85 days from bean drop.

Livers nug

DGxskywalker nugs


They look awesome! I’ve grown Walter White and Double grape. Mephisto is a great breeder.
My next run is going to be Atlas Seeds.

Thanks! I’ve still got some fruit by the foot from atlas… just need to figure out where I want to grow it as it will be bigger than the genectics I’m running now.

Next cycle maybe a couple of those, I’ve got some dope runtz from Barney’s, and some stuff from night owl I want to run in earthboxes. Plus sitting on about 10 more strains from Mephisto and ethos I’m dying to run… it’s like agony trying to pick…


Run all them mephistos! I’ve tried a bunch of them and every one is fantastic.
I bought 5 strains from atlas. They have some amazing looking stuff too. Grape Jam is gonna be my next run in about a month.

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That’s some pretty bud there you’ve got there @laf6502 !

Looking good, nice run :yin_yang::100:

Beautiful girls you have there they look tasty

As said, good looking buds. I’m gonna check those seed banks out now

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I’ve been scoping Mephisto for awhile now. Curious if all the hype was true. Looking at these I think I might make an investment in those beans. Impressive little plants.


You won’t be disappointed. Really easy to grow. Good yields. Every one that I’ve tried, maybe 10, have been full of flavor and very potent.


Thanks for that endorsement. Christmas coming, hmmmm! Think I’ll give them a shot after the Rum Runner photoperiods finish in a few weeks.

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Yeah not the largest structured plays but they will produce you a couple oz of some fire… the nug quality (terps/frost) are as good as any photos I’ve grown. Another stable genetic I’ve been running this year that has super dank autos is Ethos. I think the pina is one of my favorite weeds. As also stated, Atlas is nice too if you want a bigger auto. Next run I’ll be running night owl agin but this time in earthboxs so I can try and do them justice.

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AD- Damian

Here’s some photos of the strains were talking about…

Mango Smile (Mephisto) day 37 from seed. This is one finicky plant… This is my 4th try on this one and the only one ive been able to make the wiry thin leaves stand up. (im just gonna credit that to the earth box as this plant hates overwatering more than most)

Forgotten Strawberries (Mephisto) day 37 from seed. Terps and frost… that’s what I like.

OG Kush (ethos) 37 days from seed. - A little later to flower but I have a feeling she will be the most beautiful in the tent by time its done.

Pina Auto (ethos) Days 37 from seed - My favorite of all the peachy stuff. Just flat out dank.

Planet of the Grapes (ethos) - Just as described - grapes and gas.

Mephisto’s Wedding - Day 37 from seed - This is the 5th one ive grown now and I believe it is some of the dankest, tastiest weed in their catalogue. So much so I bought another 21 seeds. Im going to run a couple in earth box and try not to trigger them early.

3bears OG x Toof Decay (Mephisto) day 48 from seed. If you like weed super heavy on the indica side this shit will knock you out.

As far as autos go, these genetics have produced some very consistent grows. Proofs in the pudding… start with good genes. They are small but I would rather grow a couple more for the fire flower. And these are true 65-80 day from seed plants.


Very Tasty looking Nicely done! The info along with pics :100::ballot_box_with_check:

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Thanks for the photos and grow tips. I have grown mostly photos and a few autos. The autos were always so finicky for me and never made less than 90 days seed to weed. I am most definitely going to give Mephisto a shot in the near future.


Its Looking Great to see

I’m currently on my first grow in approximately 43 years. That grow was outside. you’ve got some beautiful plants there really appreciate the pictures with the day number on them.

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Welcome to the forum: any glamor shots of the Ladies? :yin_yang:

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That is a nice dense looking bud!