Autoflower topping, light’s

When do I top an auto flower? When do I flip the flower light on, on autos, in this instance it’s Bruce banner

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we really don’t top autoflowers, that is mostly reserved for photo period plants. Light Flip - another practice reserved fr getting photo period flowers to go to bloom. Auto flowers can utilize 20 or even 24 hrs of light a day (I prefer 20 so they get 4 hrs rest). Photo period plants will continue to veg as log as there is more than 14 hrs of light so we cut back to 12 hours light / 12 dark and that triggers them into flower. After that, is is usually 7-10 weeks of flower before they are ready for harvest


I have photos. Also autoflower. Can I put autoflower back to 12 12 .I need the space for photos?

Sorry there are all in flower

“Can I?” He asked. Yes, of course you can, (and no, I’m not trolling the can vs may bullsnot). The question is, what’s the cost? If it’s dark when a plant wants light, the plant is going to underperform. With autos, the debate is often between 18/6 and as much as 24/0. There is never a question about whether more light is better, at least below that threshold. So yeah, you can (and you may), but it’s gonna cost you in yield. You can’t put back the photons not given, and you can’t turn the photons into additional bud later on, because autos March toward their destiny, with or without the extra sun and big, fat buds.

So if autoflower go’s back to 12 12 .could it cost me yield. They have had 18 6 light. Bud’s look great.

Simple physics. Take away those hours of energy, the plant can’t turn stored good stuff in the roots into bud. Literally you’re shutting down the evening shift.

Thanks. So will the photos take 18 6 after being 12 12 .

I dunno. I do know there is no free lunch. I think you have created a bind by mixing photos and autos. @MDBuds

Photos will start to re-veg if you flip the lights back to 18/6

@Nezbo if you go to 12/12 for your photos you need to raise the autos higher to the light to maximize the dli.

They will still grow, but you can potentially lose yield if dli isn’t maximized for the autos.

Autos like a high dli. I’ve noticed in my runs they can survive over 60 dli without c02 and they won’t stunt. I’ve even pushed some to 80 dli. 40 dli seems to be the bare minimum for a decent yield with autos though vs the 30 dli minimum for photos.

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Thanks for your opinion. I was kinda assuming light was already tuned, but yeah, seems like his only real solution is cater to the photos, and do the best he can not to make the autos pay for it. They will, but can offset somewhat with light distance.

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@Northcountryguy yeah that’s my thinking. If he has a really good light though he can get a decent yield still at 12/12 if he can get 1000 ppfd or more at the canopy. At 1000 ppfd he’d still have a 43.2 Mol DLI which should be sufficient.