Autoflower seedlings dying

This is my second run on autoflowers
I’m Having a problem with seedlings dying in week two
My setup :
4x4 tent
3 gallon wide fabric pots
Happy Frog soil w/ 3 cups Light Warrior soil added
1 cup and 1/2 coarse perilite
3/4 cup worm castings
3 tbs dr earth 4-4-4 fertilizer
1 tbs dr earth 2-8-4 bloom
4 tbs dolomite lime powder with cal/mag

A/C infinity Inline - set at 78F - 58H
Electric Sky V2 180 x2 - 18-6 schedule
Dechlorinated water non ph in beginning

That’s Pretty much it.
Only thing really i did different from my first auto run is add the dolomite lime …could this be killing them ??
I keep having to germinate another 1-2 seeds every week lately as I’m trying to do 5 on this run but it seems like the oldest seedling at two weeks starts to turn yellow then dies off.

Any input would be appreciated

your substrate is killing em smalls!
Seeds require NOTHING but water for 2/3/4 weeks.
Your soil (HF) is hot
Light warrior - adds to it
dr earth KILLS IT
dolomite lime…gonna lock her down

the lime is when you grow in poor / bad soil. The nutes are for feeding / top dressing / way down the line

your are just overdoing it.

Back to basics…start with just HF…add the perlite if desired. DO not feed until you start reaching the 3rd or even 4th node
to feed, mix your worm with 4-4-4, top dress about 1/4 to 1/2 inch…that is good for almost 4 weeks
do not go to bloom until you begin flowering
cal/mag…an additive…I use in a foliar spray. Absorbed much quicker that way. Cal?mag is great if you have a blank substrate like coco where there is NO calcium or Magnesium
In soil…once every 2 weeks is good enough.
one foot in front of the other…start and get past your “DYING TIMES”, then move on to next step


Maybe less nutrients? I don’t feed my autos anything until the start to flower. Happy frog has enough nutrients in it for up to 3 weeks. I’ll sprinkle some oyster shell flower into the soil for longterm calcium. I also never feed them nitrogen until they start to flower and even then I only use bloom at 1/2 recommended dose. Autos are pretty sensitive to nutrients in the early stages. This has been my experience. I hope your able to have better luck. I always struggle with seedlings for some reason. After they get a few sets of leaves my stress goes away and it smooth sailing. Lol


@Writ when growing in a hot super soil (I do as well) you need to clear a cavity in the center roughly the size of a 12/16 ounce solo cup and fill it with a seed starting mix, coco coir (what I use), a light potting soil, or a blended soil with coco coir (hf mixed with roughly 30% coco coir will cut it down enough to be safe for auto seedlings which is another method I use).

This will keep seedlings safe from hot soil until they are big enough to handle it. By the time the roots reach outside of the “safe zone” as I call it the worst that usually happens is maybe some slight nutrient burn or slight yellowing from nitrogen excess which will correct itself as the foliage bushes out.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Happy growing man. :v::call_me_hand::metal: