Autoflower roots

I all I planted white widow (Auto) Sept. 15th in 3 gal pots & I see roots from pot opening. Am I in trouble. I know transplanting autos is not good.

Advice is appreciated & happy growing!!

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This is why I personally always use fabric pots.

I wouldn’t transplant this close to it flowering. The shock would cause you to lose about two weeks of bud growth. Since it’s almost done vegging I’d just let it go into flower.

Roots don’t grow as much during flower so I don’t think you’d have to worry about root binding.

Transplanting is a last resort with autos.

This is the one I transplanted as a test to see if the strain could handle it.

This one I left in the final pot.

That transplant shock put that little one easily two weeks behind the big one.

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