Autoflower questions

First time growing autos. Have G13 and diesel. So far so good getting close to harvest time. I do have one plant that I have no clue the strain and a seed may have got mixed in somehow. It’s the only purple one in the bunch or maybe an issue with nutrients. Use ocean forest soil in 25 gallon pots and FF nutrients. Any tips or advice to get better yields? Any ideas what this lone purple one could be. Planted these back at the end of may and they are probably a couple weeks away from harvest since the trichlomes are still clear. These pics are from last week



The lone purple bud

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Nice grow man that purple one looks awesome. It looks genetic to me in my unscientific opinion.

I’d advise to keep doing what you’re doing cause it looks like it’s working. :+1: Maybe others can advise if it’s time to back off on the nutes or flush.

if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
just keep on keeping on
purple plant - sativa dominant, foxtailed on you so it might actually be ready…purple haze
or blueberry family


Good catch I didn’t even think about the foxtail. now you say it the light switch went on. :+1:t4: